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Start with our Freestyle Request Form

Click here to request your freestyle

Fill out this form to let us know which level of freestyle you are looking for and what kind of music you would like to ride to - Request Form.

Go to our Musical Genre and Style List for ideas on genres. This list is meant to be a sampling only. We will offer you several selections of music that represent the genres you indicated. If you have a particular piece of music or a certain artist in mind, please let us know.

Send us a video of you and your horse

Use Google Drive, WhatsApp or upload to YouTube/Vimeo

We need to assess your horse's gaits so we can start to match music. The suitability of the music for your horse and music that enhances your horse's gaits are our main concern at this stage. Please make sure we have all three gaits as well as any lengthenings/extensions if they are required at your level.

If you have a video of a recent test, that will work great.

Click here to select payment for your freestyle

To start on your music choices and your choreography, please make a downpayment.

We will send you music choices

Let us know which music you like

We will send you music choices for your horse's gaits - you need to let us know which one you like best. Ride to the music, have someone watch you and last but not least - does your horse like it?

Your choreography is ready - you need to make your final payment 

Click here to make your final payment so we can send you your choreography.

We will send you the choreography, carefully designed and customized to best highlight you and your horse. Our experienced team will make sure that all the required elements are covered while paying attention to the degree of difficulty and maximizing interpretation. Please ride it several times and make sure you are within the allowed time limit. Send us your feedback. If necessary we will make changes to your choreography.


Time to ride and video your choreography

Send us 3 videos riding your choreography

Your freestyle is making great progress. Practice your choreography, then have a friend or family member tape your three times riding through your freestyle. Please have them film from C. For best results, you should try to ride it on different days. Send us all three videos. 


We are ready for some magic

We will cut your "Best of" video

We will now choose the very best elements of your 3 videos. Maybe your walk looks best on video 1, your trot/jog looks best on video 3. Once we have determined the best elements, we will cut a "Best of" video. This video will then be set to music. Your music will be cohesive and have seamless, perfect editing. 


Your receive your final freestyle

We send you your "Best of" video with music and much more

We will send you:

1. Your "Best of" video set to music

2. Your professional MP3 file to use at shows

3. A MP3 file with a voice-over reading your choreography

4. A MP3 file with audio cues whenever a new movement starts in the choreography