Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the Freestyle Requirements?

We design freestyles for dressage following USDF freestyle rules and for Western Dressage following WDAA rules.


For USDF you currently must have a minimum score of 63% at the highest test of the level you wish to show your freestyle at e.g. you wish to show a 2nd level freestyle, you must have 63% at 2nd level test 3 or above (3rd level etc)


For WDAA there is no minimum score requirement.


For either freestyle you must perform technical elements based on the level and within a certain time frame.

Here is a link to USDF freestyle tests

Here is a link to WDAA freestyle tests

How long will it take to create my freestyle?

From start to finish please plan on a minimum of 2 months. We are dependent on you sending us videos and feedback at various stages of the process. The faster you are, the quicker we will be able to create your unique freestyle.

What are your fees?

See our products on our services page. Click here.

Do I need to come to you / can you come to me?

Through the power of the Internet, cell phones and technological advancements we are able to create a freestyle for you no matter where you are. We are located in Colorado, south of Denver. If wish to come to us, we can set up a time that is convenient. If you wish us to come to you, we can discuss options. 

Can I change my music / choreography?

During the design phase we will work closely with you to ensure that the choreography is intricate (for high scores), yet very rideable for you. You approve of the music, we make sure it fits your horse, enhances his/her gaits, is seamless and cohesive and of course edited to perfection. Once you have received your final product, any changes will incur an hourly fee.

What makes you special? Why should I hire you?

Three for the price of one :-). We are not kidding. 

Frances is a seasoned competitor and exhibitor. She has won countless championships and has performed all over the United States. She truly understands how to interpret music, how to phrase and how to thrill the audience and judges alike.

Simone has an experienced judge's eye. She will ensure that your freestyle fulfills all technical elements clearly and completely. As judges training for freestyles is improving and gets more cohesive she understands exactly what judges are looking for and will reward.

Jillian is a skilled musician and a wizard when it comes to tempo matching and editing. She will create videos, audio files and CD's of the highest quality to ensure your success. 

Can you compose music for me?

Yes - if you wish we have the capacity to create an original score for you.